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🇬🇧 90-minute consultation 💻

ONLINE session as a RETURNING client

  • 1 ór 30 perc
  • 20 000 magyar forint
  • Online Meeting

Lemondásra vonatkozó szabályok

Changing or cancelling appointment Free modification of the reserved appointment is possible up to 48 hours before the consultation. If a request for time change is received after this period, you must pay half of the consultation fee, as I may have reserved a specific time slot for you for weeks, which was taken away from other clients. For complete cancellations, the following rules apply: if the cancellation is made more than 5 business days before the consultation, I will refund the full amount, deducting a 2% transaction fee. If you go beyond this but are still within 48 hours, I will refund 50%; between 48 and 24 hours, I will refund only 30%. In the case of a complete cancellation within 24 hours of the consultation, I will not refund any amount paid, and the same applies if you fail to appear at the consultation without prior notice. Discretion, Data Processing and Protection I treat what is said during our sessions with complete discretion. I assure you that I only need your birth data down to the minute for the creation of your birth chart, and, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation, I handle and store it extremely confidentially, along with your other personal data. Therefore, it is mandatory to accept the terms of the Data Processing and Data Protection Declaration when scheduling an appointment or using the message-sending form. Disclaimer It is crucial to emphasize that the self-awareness development sessions and supportive conversations I provide are not intended to replace the therapeutic processes carried out by clinical psychologists or psychiatrists, nor are they a substitute for psychiatric treatments. The main purpose of the consultations is to develop self-awareness and stimulate self-acceptance through a personalized map, namely, the birth chart, rather than to replace a potentially justified therapeutic process.



Nyolcadik Ház (Csörnyei Kristóf jungiánus asztrológus), Budapest, Telepes utca, Magyarország

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